Does an inherited cockatiel with a bald spot in an aviary need foraging toys?

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There is no singular cockatiel related to the title of this post. Aside from providing expert advice to caged bird keepers I also have a passion for Search Engine Optimization as well as improving how I communicate our ideas. Apparently, I am the vortex of a digitally feathered world.


So in these stories we’re going to talk about four unique cockatiels and their circumstances. Should anyone in our audience inherit a cockatiel with a bald spot living in an aviary with lots of foraging toys – you’re welcome.

How can I help my Cockatiel who has a bald spot on her head?(Quora)


Albino, cinnamon, fallow, lutino, pearl, and pied cockatiel mutations (to name a few) all may have an area behind the crest which has no feathers, a little bald spot that may be due to selective breeding.


There’s nothing wrong with these birds, there’s no disease the only problem would be if you were to try to show the bird the baldness would most likely eliminate the bird from competition. 


The size of the bald spot can vary from tiny to the size of a quarter.

So no worries enjoy your bird.


If you are intent on showing a cockatiel with a bald spot we have heard of one possible fix for that. Let us know how it goes for your bird.

cockatiel baldness wp Does an inherited cockatiel with a bald spot in an aviary need foraging toys?

Natalie H started the conversation


I really enjoyed your discussion of foraging and toys that mimic the process. Can you suggest foraging toys that would be suitable for a cockatiel?




Hi Natalie

​One of our favorites is the Great bird foraging toy from Tinkle Turf for Dogs. Small Piece

​You may get some ideas from these   free and do it yourself bird toys.

​Keep in mind when birds are foraging they want to keep busy.



​Here’s some things we do with our Senegal who is about the size of a chubby Cockatiel without the long tail.






We are loyal patrons of WCP and look forward to the Sunday brunch every week. Perhaps this topic has already come up, but it is a question about bird species.


We have 3 parakeets (budgies) that get along well although they did not grow up together. All are rescues.


We are thinking about adding a cockatiel to the family, and are wondering about cages.



So, the parakeets have a large cage (approx 2.5′ H x 2′ W X 1′ D) and we have a smaller cage (about 1.5′ HWD) that is just lying around empty.


First question: would a cockatiel require a separate cage or could they all sleep together in the same cage?


Second: Assuming that they cannot share a cage, would you recommend the keets in the smaller cage or leave them in their current habitat?

Third: Would cockatiels and parakeets be competitive/territorial in an open space (like an aviary)?


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