Does an inherited cockatiel with a bald spot in an aviary need foraging toys?

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Thank you for any advice you have on this.





Catherine replies


Hi Gemma


Mixing species in an aviary needs to be done carefully. A large enough aviary is important to make this work out.


Your 24″ x 12″ cage that is 30″ high is not large enough for adding any more birds, not even another parakeet.


This cage would be a fine size cage for your parakeets to live a happy life. It also would be good for the cockatiel or even two.

hq 13221 2 Does an inherited cockatiel with a bald spot in an aviary need foraging toys?

Parakeets and cockatiels are not likely to fuss about each others presence in a really large aviary, they have similar personalities even if they are not interested in each other.


Neither is likely to pester the other species. they can coexist provided they have the space available. Neither is likely to pester the other species.

But for some combinations, even a large aviary is not enough.


For example: Lovebirds are great little birds but I would hesitate putting them with cockatiels and or parakeets due to their pugnacious personalities. They would be best in an aviary on their own.


Thank you




Gemma replies to Catherine


The cage we have is the same one you sent. I wrote 2′ W instead of 3′ W. Our parakeets are happy and have a lot of space.


Thanks for the advice. It would be great to get any more specificity on what you mean by being careful in an aviary. What do bird keepers do who have multiple species?


Thanks again,



Catherine replies


Oh wonderful, glad to hear they have plenty of space.


Careful Bird Keepers will make sure the species they mix are able to cohabitate well.


Just like in a fish tank with more than one variety of fish.


Parakeets and cockatiels do fine with each other in the wild, both tend to stay with their own species. However if you get a lone cockatiel it may be lonely with them if they ignore him too much.


Thank you




Hi Gemma and Russ,


I wanted to add a note to Catherine’s response. I once kept an aviary of keets and tiels. It was huge and only a few birds but I want to share something that happened.


Once I let the number of parakeet hens outnumber the males by 1. Just 1. Two female keets fought to the death over partners.


And these birds were not set up in a breeding situation at the time. I recommend you match the number of males to females carefully or that you keep only one gender of birds of each species together.


For example, if you have 4 males, they will usually get along, so would 5 females, but if you have 2 males and 3 hens, trouble is sure to begin.


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