Does an inherited cockatiel with a bald spot in an aviary need foraging toys?

close up of cockatiels head getting scritches
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Also, when I had to give up my aviary and go take care of my elderly mother, she enjoyed birds so much that I got a pair of male tiels that were rehomes due to owners moving and a pair of budgies, male and female.


They had the entire great room in which to roam and were out of the cage nearly 100% of the time.


Over time, the tenacious male budgie charged one of my tiels until the tiel developed a nervous tic in its foot. I tried AviCalm and it helped but the poor male tiel had been driven to a near nervous breakdown. I then began letting the keets out free for 5 hours in the morning. The tiels had hours out in the afternoon. The tic went away nearly immediately.


My point is, it sort of depends on personality because if you get a keet that is too aggressive, the good natured cockatiels will tolerate and tolerate until problems appear. Just introduce birds of different species cautiously.


On the other hand, I once had a parakeet move in with my beloved sun conure and they got along like best friends for the rest of the parakeet’s life and the sun conure mourned him on his passing.


Just use common sense, supervision and a bit of caution. Hopefully you’ll have no problems mixing species, but do watch for bullying, beginning of plucking due to nerves and stress, and be sure everyone is eating well, so that no one bullies another from the food dish (another problem I once had and had to remove a bird from aviary life).


Best of luck. Thanks for your compliments and loyal business.




Hi we inherited a cockatiel.


He or she seems to be nicer to my wife.


Please explain the clicker and if that would help me bond or be able to get her out of the cage ,we have very high ceilings and alot of windows so scared she’ll get hurt.

Dont want to clip wings as it sounds like that creates more problems? thanks.



Name: Bruce


Hi Bruce


In this case you’ll want to clip the wings at least once – Cockatiels wings grow back  quickly.  



Once the wings are clipped, and you want to do a short clip so she can fly at least horizontally and not gain lift.


This is the time that you will begin to introduce her to “landing zones”  throughout the home.

Clicker training will do wonders.

To endear yourself to the bird that is reluctant to come out of the cage, try dropping a favored treat into the food dish (from outside of the cage a possible) every time you walk by the cage with the hopes that the bird will eventually realize that every time this human walks by the cage something good will happen.


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