Is A Stainless Steel Bird Cage Worth The Investment?

many diameters of stainlesssteel tubing
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Message: I had topaz in the hospital and metal poisoning was one of the things that was was stumped.


Editor’s note: Why do vets never test the water source? 63 million Americans are exposed to unsafe drinking water which is why we only give bottled water to our birds.

When I took a corner shelf down I saw he had chewed away a quarter sized area of paint off under the shelf which he loved. so I covered that area up with a large perch and we were fine for a week. then it started again and I searched all over the cage and found another chewed are.

vet says that I need ss cage. I would much rather have this one and a bird that isn’t chewing paint. if not the paint then the wrought iron underneath it? idk..his cbc came back ok, fecal normal all ok..but poops abnormal, weight loss,

not eating right and weight loss and not my normal conure..I just want to do the right thing..we lost my sunshine at thanksgiving during routine bloodwork at the vet they said she had a seizure and I am a bit frantic about this.

i’m 1300.00 in for medical now and will be explaining to my husband why he is eating pasta for the next month after I tell him about the cage. actually I don’t now what to I thought maybe bad paint job..i have this cage in white and its fabulous.


Hi Kimberly


first take a deep breath


please understand lead can come from many places in your home

the next step would be to have the “paint” tested  for toxicity which is still much cheaper than buying a stainless cage – here’s a kit for $10 that may confirm or repudiate the presence of lead, let me know.

He is also telling you to buy a Ferrari so you can get to work quicker.

That said with all due respect to your avian veterinarian the paint he refers to is actually a powder coating made of polymer or nylon bonded directly into the metal in a high heat process.


The coatings if ingested would not harm your bird. Nylon is actually is NSF approved for shelving in food service applications.


The poison that your vet  speaks of would be metal poisoning and your bird would actually have to be eating the metal not the powder coating to be adversely affected


Just look at manufacturers like Prevue Pet who been making animal cages since 1869 and sell to every big box and Internet site we know of.


We’ve been selling their bird cages for more than dozen years.


They only make powder coat cages which if they poised a poisoning danger to birds don’t you think you would’ve seen birds falling dead all over the place?


And because they sell to retailers like us and much larger retailers that don’t want the financial liability of selling you something that would intentionally kill your bird.


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