Exploring Indian Ringnecks

Indian ringneck father with 3 indian ringneck chick in tre hallow
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Indian ringnecks aka Rose-winged parrots

Editors note: Approximately 20% of parrots are sexually dimorphic meaning sex can be determined by color. Male eclectus parrots are green, female eclectus are red (with good reason)

Male budgies generally have a blue cere and female’s, a brown cere. Male Indian ringneck’s are the ones with the rings.

Lisa L. G

So I have some questions about IRN’s.

Now all the research I read says NOT to train them for a year as they need this time to get to know their new flock (me, the dogs and my husband). he took to me right off the bat. My hubby he is leery of.. like runs away. Have any tips for them to connect?

Also I have been thinking for quite sometime to intro a mimic box, as he has started mocking the dog barking.. my research said not to teach anything until he is over a year (hatch date aug. 10). between barking, tweeting and screeching I am hoping you say.. just go for it!!


This is such a unique species and I assumed they were similar to cockatiels in temperament. I am quiet wrong in that assumption. So, what advice can you give me on biting, touching him.. the only time I can touch his feather is when I clip wings and nails. When I am grooming him I look him all over with him safely wrapped in a washcloth.

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Is there anything I can do about the ear biting? Sometimes when he is sitting on my shoulder he attacks my ear for no reason. I usually scream ouch! and give him a time out in his cage, as this worked with the ‘tiel I used to own. The IRN just seems a bit more stubborn.


He (I say this tentatively) has quite the personality otherwise. He has made friends with a dove outside and will do this “mating dance” to her, he loves to get on the floor and play with dog toys and his ball toys AND on occasion will bring them to me to toss for him (fetch).


He loves feeding the dogs. He has all the toys he could ever want and an activity center hanging from the ceiling. I am in the process of building a play stand for him. YES, he does get rewarded for good behavior.


HE IS NEVER HUMANIZED! He is a bird and gets treated as so. I never ever ever humanize my animals. I am a dog trainer and know how bad this is for any species.


Can you do an article on IRN’s for us owners who just don’t seem to understand the species.


Thanks for the advice.


Catherine Tobsing  to Lisa


Sorry for the delay. All I can say is that you received the wrong information. I had an Indian Ringneck for 20 years that I finished hand feeding as a chick and he was the best little bird.

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