Exploring Indian Ringnecks

Indian ringneck father with 3 indian ringneck chick in tre hallow
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I feel for the little guy that he has been not been given the attention he deserved from the beginning. How do you know it is a boy? Was it sexed? How old is he now?


If he was born in August then he is about 9 months old. My Ringneck was a Lutino so he was bright yellow and at about 11 months old the very first of the bright orange neck ring feathers showed up and by 18 months it was complete.

Sunshine  Printer 1 Exploring Indian Ringnecks

Sunshine started talking at 6 1/2 months old, He said Hello, “Love you” and “Nummy Nummy”. I realized that he was learning while I hand fed him and talked to him. I

f I knew this prior I would have talked to him much more as he was ready to talk non stop and learned words like a sponge until he was about 3 years old when he stopped picking up new words.


Now I have been told that Ringnecks don’t bond as close as other birds but mine did. He was my little fella and he loved me.


Now what I learned later I wish I knew while I had him in the formative years. If you pet your bird, ONLY pet him from the neck up. No stroking the lower parts as it is a form of foreplay and your bird can become sexually attached to you and that is harder to deal with when you have a parrot trying to hump your toes. He became quite attached to me to the point of constantly trying to have sex with my toes and it just was not fulfilling to him.


Later in his life I tried to get him a female but he was humanized too much and he was never able to consummate his affections, he was completely lost even though he did spend time with her, he always looked to me. Eventually it was such an unpleasant love triangle I found her another home and let him have me alone until he passed years later to a stroke.


He did find a tiny yellow squeaky toy to be his ultimate friend and he went through over 20 of them through the years. Difficult as the toy changed style somewhat and eventually went away but I was able to supply him until he passed, clutching his “baby”.


Shoulder riding is NOT a right unless the bird does not bite, etc. He may not be able to be allowed on your shoulder ever if he continues. You may want to try to wear a birdie necklace so he has something to DO while sitting there as boredom can result in ear bites.


A 3 foot piece of plastic chain connected at the end and adorned with tied on buttons, beads, leather bits, etc can help a lot to give him something to occupy himself while on your shoulder, but if he bites still he has to be removed. Period.


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