Exploring Indian Ringnecks

Indian ringneck father with 3 indian ringneck chick in tre hallow
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Timeouts are not quite understood, best to avoid the problem so it does not happen. If he is okay on your shoulder for 10 minutes but at 15 he starts to bite, then remove him after 10 minutes.

You can’t punish birds, you can only steer behavior.

I recommend clicker training. This is for reward. Once they learn that they can do things and get rewards they are less likely to do the negative practices.

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Yes, mine loved to play fetch. I would toss small plastic lattice balls and he would run for them and bring them to me to toss again. That was great fun.


I used to have to wrap him up to trim his nails or he would bite of course, but I could trim his wings with him facing my chest and spread out his wings without any problem though.


Later I let him fly as I should have from the beginning. He began to pick at his feathers for awhile and broke a few blood feathers, that gets expensive to run to the vet to remove a broken blood feather and one time I came home to fine him covered in blood after our Vets hours were closed.


I swallowed and grabbed him and took my chances alone and ran him under water to find the broken feather, and pulled it out with my needle nosed pliers. He never bit me. He was the best bird I ever had.

Hope that helps

mitchr’s 2 cents

I’m glad we got Catherine’s input. I lived with her male Sunshine for 4 years and had a cockatiel for 3-1/2 years who succumbed to cancer last summer so we are intimately familiar with both species.


I have birds and raised dogs as a semi pro for 25 years (malamutes and huskies 10 years – standard poodles 15) The best time to train any animal is now – no reason to wait –


Ring necks can be great talkers – it’s best to work with them face to face so they can monitor your facial expressions


BlueZooBird Interview with Mark Hagen


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I received an Indian ring neck parakeet, Maverick, (male, lavender, 11 weeks old) on my b-day, yesterday.

His sibling is still at the pet shop. Would it be good to have the two be together? Don’t know it’s gender yet.

Also, I was told if two are together, it will be difficult to teach them to talk. Is it best to keep one or two as a companionship? Do they need to be in separate cages? They were together in the pet shop.

Please advise.

It’s best to raise ringnecks solo if you are seeking a human/bird bond.

– with 2 birds you become a zookeeper. It takes about 18 months for a males neck rings to come in fully so you’ll need to DNA test if you wish to know sooner.

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