Exploring Indian Ringnecks

Indian ringneck father with 3 indian ringneck chick in tre hallow
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My pleasure Kathy



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K Mainzer replied


Big THANK YOU! Mitch on your reply.

I guess I’ve been just fueling Agni’s fire!! They are cut off from soy, but they do like limas and peas, as well as other occasional beans. I will let you know if I notice any difference in behavior.

Oddly, Boingo, who is 11, and, while he has his full wings, cannot fly due to a cat encounter, has no real interest in spring fling behavior much.


He is intellectual, preferring watching parrot videos, and he is a great fan of the ringnecks on UTube.


He knows them like we know movie stars. Agni did not talk when he came to live with us and Boingo taught him all the words and songs we use. Since Agni tends to “chirp loudly” we request English. They are, in effect, both bilingual.


Boingo has anxiety issues though and will chew on his tail feathers. He has lots to chew on though and he likes to chew. His all time favorite “game” is chewing on a beak-proof cloth with my fingers moving around underneath. The attention time with that game a few times a day has done wonders to cut down on feather chewing.


I am the parrot nanny who lives with them, and they have me all day and night, so they aren’t neglected. Respecting and tending to their individual “issues” makes for a happy flock.

Agni “chirps loudly” every day at 5 (nut time). He knows the word nut but won’t say it. If I ask if he wants a nut, he drums loudly.


He also “chirps loudly” every day at 6:30. I figured out that he is calling one of his flock home. He’s sure it works because, sure enough, soon his flockmate walks in the door.


Learning to communicate with the parrots has been a wonderful pleasure. Thank you for helping!



cool about the drumming Kathy

I’ve been blogging for 10 years and will continue until I am no longer able 🙂

best mitchr


K Mainzer replied


I have 2 males, ages 9 and 11, both rescues, each very unique, due somewhat to their reasons for rescue.

I just read that soy might contribute to hormonal behavior. Agni, full flighted, gregarious, toy lover, loves soy beans. Eats them every day with fruit and other veggies. Should I cut him off in Spring time?


Also, saw study of cockatoo drumming. Agni and Boingo are great drummers. Since they roost in the same room I sleep in, they will drum (test) to communicate with me. Once it thundered outside in the night and they “texted” me. I “texted” back that it was ok. Agni drums a lot in his spring fling time.

9e0b4c002e6d1db282b08250b5ec1d93 Exploring Indian Ringnecks

Anyway, about soy beans in diet calming Agni down. Is that a good idea? Thanks.


I read your blog every week and have learned a lot. Sure hope you keep it going.

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