What is the life expectancy of a parrot?

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We rescued an albino cockatiel of no known age because I literally pulled her out of some bushes on a Chicago side street she had gotten tangled in after escaping from wherever she was from.


She was a happy healthy flighted and fed bird well but died of cancer.

Too few caged bird keepers provide the needed artificial full spectrum lighting with timers over their birds cages to compensate for the erratic North American light cycles. This is a huge stress point for birds thus by shortening their light.

How many reading this weigh their birds on a regular basis raise your hand?

It’s very difficult to determine the health of a bird by physical characteristics.

Look at Cookie in the picture above and the bird looked about the same at 30 years, 50 years and at 80 years old.

By weighing a bird regularly you will find out if there’s a rapid swing in weight in either direction which is the first indicator of potential illness before it becomes nonrecoverable.

In conclusion circling back to the original answer let’s not worry about how long they live let’s worry about enabling them to have as long a healthy life as possible.


I tell people thinking of getting a bird or new bird keepers that they should expect the bird to last a very long time and if they don’t like to vacuum they shouldn’t have a bird.


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