Please help me not starve my parrot

A Blue Front Amazon Parrot
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I’ve tried a sample of Harrisons too, once and he wouldn’t touch it. I feel awful, as though I’ve lead him astray from his bird store days of eating pellet food, and he won’t even eat seed. The most nutritious thing he’ll eat is pistachios and cashews.


I’ve heard they will go hungry rather than eat something they don’t like, and he’s now narrowed down his food groups so much that I can’t get him to eat veggies anymore–cooked or raw.


I chop up fresh kale and add it to everything he eats just to make sure he doesn’t get a Vit A deficiency again.


I’ve even thought of finding him a new home so that someone new could try to get him to eat pellet food again, because I know I’m doing him such an injustice, and he refuses to eat what he doesn’t want.


He’ll just get upset, throw fits, and squawk until I feed him something he will eat. Do you recommend I stop feeding him people food so that he gets hungry enough to eat his pellet food?


I leave him out all of the time I’m home and could imagine him getting angry enough that he’d bite me if I did that.


Another thing is he’s narrowed down what he likes as toys to just square blocks of wood, straws, and cardboard only.


All of the expensive toys I’ve gotten him go to waste because he’ll only play with those types of toys I make for him.


It’s like he’s just as picky with his toys as he is with his food, and since he’s out of his cage, he can roam and chew up the cardboard I leave around for him and the cat boxes that are left out.


I wonder if I let him stay in the cage, as I’ve done before, for all day/evening if he’ll eventually work at one of his other toys, but he doesn’t. He just waits until he can be let out again.


What have I done to this bird? Would he be as picky with someone else as he is with me?


How am I going to change him from these destructive behaviors? I don’t want to ruin his adult life by treating him poorly as a younger, age 10, birdie. I feel awful.


I will gladly accept any feed back you may be able to offer. Your intellect is far reaching in these matters.


Thank you so much for everything you share with us. It’s much appreciated, though I don’t see how to comment on your blogs any more to thank you. Sincerely, Dollar’s Mum


Glad to meet you Dollar’s Mum


Please let me know of the birds sex (if known), species and age so I can drill down further.


Editor’s note: Why do I need this information?

  • A blue and gold macaw eats a lot more and has a higher need for protein than a budgie
  • A female bird whose in egg laying mode needs more protein for egg production.
  • We are finding that senior birds have slightly different needs than younger birds like the elimination of soy in their diet.


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