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I simply ask whatever you do please provide a well rounded parrot nutritional supplement like Prime from HARI (Hagen) to ensure your parrot’s optimal health.

Sprinkling Prime on wet fruits and veggies is a reliable delivery system.

There’s the right amount of protein in RoudyBush pellet bird food. But when you’re full of pizza why would you eat a bowl of dry unsweetened Cheerio’s?


Editor’s note: of the many pellet conversion techniques out there, one of the best is Zupreem fruit flavored pellets. “This is due to the added sugar for ‘palatability’” Many African Greys don’t like the banana shape – you’ve been warned.


Pellets not only don’t taste all that good, they don’t “tickle the tongue” Pellet shapes don’t offer a lot of stimulation. Parrots rely on the texture of food I think more so than the flavor because they only have 350 taste buds compared to a human’s 9000.


We want to make eating fun for your bird. I’ve said time and time again “it’s not the food, it’s the delivery system”.


Let’s start with this video which shows our daily routine for feeding five birds in two cages note that I even cover the Senegal’s food dish with a piece of romaine lettuce forcing her to work just to get to her every day food.


I do mention that I take her conventional Higgins mix which is seed, fruits and some pellets then add some additional Harrison’s extra fine pellets which I see her eat.

The Higgins safflower gold that she is eating contains Higgins intune pellets and I do see her on occasion holding one of the pellets in her zygodactyl foot so I know that she is getting the benefit of the pellets but not being cheated on all the other flavors and textures that a parrot deserves.


I don’t think I mentioned in this video but I put almonds, chunks of walnuts and nutri-berries between the business cards so there’s always a fun treat rewarding her for all of her hard work.



This video “The Problem Isn’t the New Bird Food, It’s the Delivery System” speaks volumes about the “getting a bird to eat healthy” issue.



Keeping Dollar in the cage will fix nothing. He will not understand the message you think you are trying to send.


In conclusion: please stop serving people food except perhaps for a small dish of mixed vegetables for breakfast. You’ll have to find out if Dollar likes them warm or cold, birds do have preferences.


Then pick a blend like Higgins Safflower Gold or Hagen Tropimix. Both are well-rounded bird foods with seeds nuts fruits and pellets which is much more interesting than just plain Cheerios.


Hope that helps – please let us know how it goes with this transition






Ek Little replied 


Hi Mitch,

Thank you so much for all of the info you gave me about Dollar’s eating habits!

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