Please help me not starve my parrot

A Blue Front Amazon Parrot
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Please, I ask that you consider the following information and add to what you’ve all ready forwarded.


Dollar’s a 10 yr old BF (blue front) Amazon male who I’ve had for nearly four years. I adopted him and he refuses to be called anything but his given name, Dollar, as he says it all the time. He’s fully flighted as well.


I recently gave him a special parrot seed mix that he won’t even touch. I also feed him fruit flavored pellets by Zupreem, which he’ll nibble on here & there. Your analogy of pizza verses unsweetened cherrios makes a lot of sense.


I’m alarmed by your mention of feathers, and the protein needed to produce them. He almost chronically molts anymore. I think Amazons molt twice per year–do you know?


Is winter and summer? Or are they like the African Greys?] I keep track of his molting by saving his feathers (all but the down) and have become concerned by how many feathers he’s losing.


He’s full of pinfeathers lately. It’s awful for him. Do you think there’s any connection with his eating or could that be his lighting?


As far as lighting: I use the avilamp, but shut it off after 12 hours (8AM – 8PM), even though the kitchen light stays on until around 11PM. I


It doesn’t do much good as he’s on my lap much of the day/evening away from his cage while I work on the computer, and he doesn’t go inside his cage unless we’re gone.


I am surprised that you suggest cutting out people food entirely; I’m afraid to make him go cold turkey, being he’ll get angry and bite, while dive bombing our heads.


Are you suggesting he’ll get hungry enough to eat the mix if that’s all that’s available to him?


I won’t be able to eat around him with him outside of his cage, as he’ll just try eating off of our plates.


I’m serious, I’m afraid of his reaction to no people food. What if I feed him pellets during the day and people food only at night, removing it after he’s done eating dinner, leaving him pellet food only to snack on when he gets his midnight munchies?


I’m literally a wreck over this. Oh, and Dollar likes his veggies warmed, that is, if he’ll eat them. Again, he’s so picky…I knew about the taste buds thing, but figured that’s why he likes highly flavorful foods.


Maybe the texture is an ingredient I’ve not considered. Tho he doesn’t like cold and wet, that I know.


The foods you mentioned you feed Peaches aren’t quite what this sized bird eats, so which would you recommend that are?


Tropimix sounds promising. I’ll have to see if there are smaller bags of them to try. I know you carry just about everything.


Well, thank you again for all your help. I hope to hear back from you now that you know his species, age and lifestyle.

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