Please help me not starve my parrot

A Blue Front Amazon Parrot
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For human foods we been working with Peaches on having vegetables for breakfast.


First we tried nuking frozen mixed vegetables which we used to do with our ringneck. That allows the vegetables to sit in the cage for a longer period of time in a semi-frozen state.


Sunshine our ringneck loved frozen corn and squealed when he got brain freeze. Peaches not so much.


So I went the other way and warmed them up until they were what we would consider warm enough to eat and she like that a lot more.


But with birds it is hard sometimes to see exactly what they want to eat so throughout the week we would have different vegetables as side dishes serving them to Peaches.


After a couple weeks we decided that she would like a blend with green beans, carrots and peas served warm.


Something that you have found out with Dollar.


Tropimix is available in a large parrot size and I would certainly start with that but in the meantime also start putting foods together for different combinations.


I’ve often said that with birds it’s not the food it’s the delivery system. Your human plates are interesting and there’s all sorts of things going on plus he’s with you being part of the dinner conversation.



A bowl of food is boring and he’s isolated in his cage, take a look at this video and see that Peaches really enjoys “working for her food” not simply being served.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I don’t know if you’ve been getting comments on your blog, but there’s definitely no comment section on the blogs I’m reading. There used to be, and I enjoyed it much.


But now there’s only “Next Blog,” or “Previous Blog” (with the respective titles).


I’m using a computer, and there’s no spinning wheel, either. Nothing else is coming up. I thought it was me, but now that you describe what I should be seeing, I am here to tell you I’m not seeing that at all.


In fact, I literally thought you decided not to allow comments at all anymore. You might want to check it out.



Regarding the comment section on our blog, it’s a platform called Disqus that connects to our WordPress blog via something called a plug-in.


Word press automatically updated recently in the comments went away and we are working with the developer of the plug-in to help us get the comments repopulating.


Thank you for your patience.



follow up from Dollars mum

Dear Mitch,
I all ready read it and watched the videos, some twice. I also saw what you wrote about a 400g bird dictating to me what’s happening.

I get it. I ordered 4lbs of the Tropimix food, and the $29.00 version of vitamin supplement you recommend today. I accidentally requested the smaller container of vitamin which is out of stock before I knew of the bigger size.


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