I Got 4 Budgies and Now I’m a Budgie Concierge – Help!

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Peggie <pxxxxxxxxx@cox.net> wrote:

Hi, Love your website !

Thank you for that.

I’m hoping you can help me with training and integrating my birds.

I made the mistake of getting 4 budgies at the same time.

Doh !

They are 18 mo old now.

3 boys and 1 probably girl.

(thought they’d all be males, oops)

I’ve tried and tried and tried to finger train them.

They don’t want me, they want each other.

Buddy and Sami are together and won’t play, ever.

Sami sulks and pouts and sits.

Buddy is ambitious and active and irritates Sami 24/7, so I’m planning on getting Sami his own cage.

I’m hoping I can get more response from them being separate.

I’m assuming they’ll have to be in separate rooms from each other ?

The other two seem to have fallen deeply in love/bonded and are joyously flying in the “bird room”, feeding each other, playing.

Auzzie (male) will get on my finger to come out of the cage, but is ‘wild’ after that.

Sunny (yellow female) zooms right past me and won’t come to me.

I tried to have them all together and Buddy and Sunny (yellow female) just fight to the floor, so that’s a no-go. I’m so frustrated !

I feel I’ve made a huge mistake and will never have a happy flock that will sit on my hand and let me pet them.

I’ve looked at all the bird training sites and they’re always about parrots who will sit there and let you click and feed.

Crazy parakeets just will NOT do that. They’re too skittish. What in the world can I do or try ?

It’s been a year and a half and I’m nothing more than a budgie maid. Not what I was hoping for with these sweet babies.

Hope you can help. Thank you ! peggie

Peggie, Peggie, Peggie

Yes, you made the mistake when you got 4 parakeets at once if you wanted to have them as tame pets.


Birds of a feather flock together and you have no feathers.


I recommend you get them a nice big cage and let them enjoy life without being handled.


We did not intend to have 4 parakeets either. However it started when a customer came into my store with a keet he just caught outside on a cold day and gave it to me.

Mitch was enchanted and had the little guy (Bacon) on his hand right away. We thought he was tame.

Well, after a week of good food and housing he regained his strength and was no longer going to have anything to do with us..

We realized he was a feral parakeet and we would not be able to tame him.

He was extremely skittish and we decided to get him a buddy as parakeets do not do well alone if they don’t enjoy a humans company instead.

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