I Got 4 Budgies and Now I’m a Budgie Concierge – Help!

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So along came Eggs who was a hand fed baby but housed with Bacon made Eggs jumpy too.

We decided to locate another couple keets to make them all more comfortable.

We were given an adult pair by a local breeder and introduced them (Toast and Jam) to the cage and tossed in some millet spray and low and behold, they are doing just fine.

It appears to be going well. We love to watch them.

For yourself, consider a new bird, one all for yourself.

We wish you the best.

Catherine Tobsing

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mitchr answers

You can do whatever you want.

That said a single budgie is a different animal than having two or more budgies (see response above) and there’s the starting point.

We had been bird-less for more than a year after our cockatiel had passed from cancer when Bacon the first of four budgies that we now have arrived in our life.

Bacon was literally plucked out of a tree across the street from our shop. There was certainly a sign.

After paying our due diligence in social media and all the regular channels to see if anyone lost a predominantly blue budgie we kept him.

It was clear after three or four weeks that Bacon was miserable.

We clipped his wings severely and yet he was still able to gain altitude and move around his cage and the apartment in general so we kept him caged for his own safety.

After being around birds for almost 2 decades you can begin to tell if a bird is happy or sad. Bacon was very sad.

We decided to acquire a parrot but we were committed to hanging onto Bacon.

We felt the best course of action was to introduce a second budgie.

Once we had worked out the deal of acquiring Peaches our nine-year-old female Senegal we inquired with the rescue to see if they had any budgies?

They had one and we said we would take it regardless of sex thinking at the time that Bacon was a boy.

So along with the rehoming of Peaches our Senegal we deployed a new budgie cage where Bacon and his new best (rescued) friend “Eggs” would reside.

Setting aside all the excitement we were experiencing from the new Senegal in our home it was clear that Bacon was much happier with the new bird we had introduced.

Given the size of cage that we discussed introducing an additional budgie or two.

Providence provided 2 new budgies while we attended the National Caged Bird Club Show.

After taking you around the block I can tell you unequivocally, the budgies we have housed together, formed this remarkable little avian community.

My intent is to someday clip all of their wings and introduce them to our household.

Until then, they are captive within their cage and they seem to be perfectly happy in the current environment.

Their full spectrum LED comes on at 7:20 AM Central standard Time every morning.

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