I Got 4 Budgies and Now I’m a Budgie Concierge – Help!

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The little voices fill our home with heartwarming sounds.

They clearly have routines and a pecking order.

When any one of them wants to make a point, they will “helicopter” which means they will just flap their wings providing flight.

They will hover in a static position in the middle of the cage until they feel their entire idea has been communicated to the other three birds.

At the end of the day your decision will be to become a single budgie companion or a zookeeper.

The requirements are no different for any captive bird species regardless of size.

If you’re not willing to make that commitment, it’s okay.

Simply add more budgies into your life and commit to providing the best care possible.

alxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com replied

hi i think i made a mistake regarding the pellets i fed my parakeets. I “think” i wrote higgins, but it was harrison’s.

hi! I am currently feeding my parakeets dr harvey’s but they seem to waste a lot of it. what is the best parakeet seed?

there are so many, i’m confused. they don’t like fresh veggies or fruit, so I would like a good overall food. i tried harrison’s pellets and they refuse to i eat it. thanks! Toni

Hi Toni

​Unfortunately all seed diet are messy because of the hulls so you have the same problem regardless of the food brand.


Dr harvey’s is one of the best

​Two simple things I would advocate.

​Budgies are ground eaters in the wild (we have 4, we know budgies)

​We keep our food dishes on the floor of the cage – we do not use a grate – we make sure the dishes are not under any poop trajectories.

This way much of the mess is contained within the floor of the cage

​Millet is another issue and I deal with FI vacuuming seven days a week.

​You may also try to use a seed skirt around the cage which you can find here

​This is our budgie cage set up fyi




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