What’s the difference between feather preening, plucking & molting.

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I have seen this happen with birds whose well intended caged bird keepers place a fan near the bird to keep it cool in the summer.

Falling under the law of unintended consequences the fan creates a relentless tsunami of ruffled feathers they can never manage until the fan gets turned off.

I see that you’re just going to put your hunteramazingceilingfan on on low to keep the air moving in the room. 

We hope you’ll never find out why veterinarians call ceiling fans “shredded tweet”.

Without realizing it you may exposure bird to smoke or perfume or some sort of cleaning agent that will subtly bother your bird causing them to potentially over preening.

Keeping the air in your home moist in the winter is important too.

If you have a bird that is plucking please email mitch@windycityparrot.com with some details.

We’d like to send you a feather plucking diagnostic form we’re working on to help a clearer path to fixing feather destruction.

The straightest line to keep feathers healthy is good nutrition which varies from bird to bird based upon their lifestyles much like you and me.

Getting the feathers wet however you do it is important to keep down the dander with Australian birds like the big cockatoos and maintain good feather health in general.

written by mitch rezman
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