How do I get a bird who loves millet to lose weight?

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A good source of iron, folic acid, beta-carotene and magnesium.

It provides a lot of fiber while being low in fat and offers vitamins A, C and K. 

The “yes but” is Oxalic acid which is prevalent in spinach.

This stuff actually bonds with calcium and leaches it out of a birds body.

If your bird is eating a lot of spinach make sure you’re providing a good calcium supplement.

If your bird is laying eggs she should probably lay off the spinach.

How do you get your bird to eat leafy greens?

Popcorn our cockatiel will fly to any lettuce open on the kitchen counter and serve herself.

If a big chunky piece of lettuce scares the dickens out of your caged bird try clipping some outside of the cage (lettuce not the bird).

Most of us have learned by now birds are inquisitive and they love with they can’t have (much like humans).

Securing it just within reach but outside of the cage may make it more tempting.

If you’re adventurous you might want to try this “Budgie Fantasy (leaf) Bath” (see video below).

We can’t promise your bird will eat any of the lettuce but he should have a bunch of fun.


While on the topic of nutrition we can’t forget Avi-Cakes which many people mistake as purely a treat but if truth be known a bird can live a happy healthy life for many years eating nothing but Avi-Cakes 

They contain ground millet but in much smaller quantities than your bird would get eating straight from a sprig and has many nutritious ingredients like cranberries, dates, mangoes and papaya’s.

They also contain pellets which are ground up in the bar bound by molasses, which by the way make them ideal to sprinkle powdered bird supplements on which makes them the perfect delivery system to get said supplements into said bird.

And let’s not forget the other side of the diet is exercise.

We are committed to help you keep your caged bird healthy and safe whether it’s flighted or not.

Need birdie exercise ideas? click here

Clearly flighted birds benefit from the calorie burn necessary for flight as well as helping keep muscles in tone. What’s the cheapest health insurance for your caged bird? Weigh it weekly!

Hope some of this helps – lettuce know <pun

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