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Cockatoo parrot holding barbell in beak
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When we work out we’re happy to have a 120 bpm heart rate during a brisk walk maybe 140 to 160 beats per minute while putting our our body under stress.

A bird in flight can have a heart rate exceeding 1000 bpm. (Hummingbirds heartbeats have been measured as high as 1260 bpm.

Because hummingbirds are literally always on the verge of starving to death they’re able to to store enough food to survive overnight and slow down their own metabolisms to conserve energy).

So we have these well engineered flying machines that we insist on keeping in enclosed structures.

To complicate matters it’s almost impossible to tell if they’re healthy or not.

Birds generally don’t get fat.

Try taking a birds blood pressure – that’s a bit of a challenge.

The two easiest and most accurate ways to keep track of your birds health are to watch its poop and weigh it regularly.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on bird behavior and bird nutrition but time and effort also must be placed on exercising a bird in order to keep them healthy.

We provided some videos to help you get started on an exercise program for your bird if you haven’t already.

It’s no secret we are proponents of keeping birds flighted.

But as advocates for the birds who want to make sure that if you notice clipped you have the tools needed to exercise said bird. 

“If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is the video worth?

We hope these videos will help keep your bird in superb health and keep you, the caged Bird keeper on the right side of sanity.

Yes we know birds are nuts and it’s not uncommon for them to make us crazy. Yet can’t help but love them” – mitchr


Ladders can be an important part of your birds daily exercise routine as seen in this video “Get Your Bird To Exercise” – Parrot play stands and spiral bungees hung from the ceiling provide a wonderful opportunity for your bird to use its feet and legs.

Floor walking and wing flapping are simple activities your bird can do daily too.




Sometimes you do not need an elaborate. parrot play stand.


In this video a cockatiel does yoga like stretching out his wings and is able to work his way up and down a rope perch attached to another perch suction cupped to a window.

Birds are happy to be out of their bird cage and in this case bask in the sunlight by the big glass door



In this video the person becomes the parrot play stand. We see a female (Red) Eclectus parrot being held by the feet while flapping her wings.

Wing flapping is a great exercise because it helps push air through the lungs of your bird.

This is the equivalent of you walking on a treadmill going nowhere but still getting exercise.

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