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Cockatoo parrot holding barbell in beak
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Someone must have gotten an A plus for this science project. It is a wonderfully simple illustration about the functionality of a birds lung and how the air passes through it.


Inhalation and exhalation are explained in this remarkably simple animated diagram. It will help you understand the unidirectional flow of air through a birds lungs.



I don’t know if this is my favorite way to exercise a bird but there is clearly a special bond between this man and this blue and gold macaw.

We don’t know who’s enjoying themselves more, the man or the bird.

At the end of the day the bird got some exercise and the man, well he got to play with his bird.



We recently spoke about providing the best quality of life for handicap birds.

In this video we watch as a bird who has an issue with its foot is taught to wave.

While raising its foot to wave, its full weight is then exerted on the handicap foot giving it much needed exercise so the bird can live as normal a life as possible.


Sometimes simple stretching exercises will help your bird feel better about himself.

The African gray in this video seems content on top of its birds cage and stretch its wings and feet.

Call it birdie yoga. What’s important is the bird is out of its cage and able to fully extended its wings.



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