Eclectus toe tapping and wing flipping issues

Female Eclectus r. vosmaeri at North Carolina Zoo, no other subspecies combines a purple abdomen and clear yellow undertail coverts.
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Editor’s note: a subject I’ve seen no mention of is, does the several subspecies of eclectus have any relationship to these neurological issues?

For the uninitiated we are speaking of the

  1. Ambon Grand Eclectus
  2. Aru Island Eclectus
  3. Australian Eclectus
  4. Biak Island Eclectus
  5. Cornelia’s Eclectus
  6. Grand Eclectus
  7. New Guinea Eclectus
  8. Red Sided Eclectus
  9. Seram Grand
  10. Solomon Island Eclectus
  11. Tanimbar Island Eclectus
  12. Vosmaer’s Eclectus (Female) <- most popular ekkie in the US)


As with many other species of captive birds some eclectus parrots have a higher a sensitivity to the food they intake.


If we can move past the “elongated digestive tract” paradigm, we may discover triggers that had been overshadowed.


What about preservatives we see that in a lot of dried fruit and yet we serve our pet birds well-preserved dried fruit.


Pet food manufacturers for all species are guilty of adding colors to the food.


Can food color be a trigger of toe tapping or wing flapping?


Pesticides? Chemicals? Calcium deficiency?


I’ve read about food allergies.


My research indicates that soy can be a trigger for negative behavioral issues.



I know, I’m just a guy so I reach out to my pals like Tom Roudybush, the founder of Tom Roudybush bird food.


Tom has long been anti-soy food allergy trigger kinda guy.


Spirulina is a nutrient rich algae.


The plant is found in many parrot pellets.


Yet Spirulina can be associated with a high number of toe tapping and wing flapping instances.




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