Quaker Biting Very Hard, Taking Chunks Out Of My Skin – Ouch!

quaker parrot on back in man's hand
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Either your husband had a tremendous time with the bird and lavished on huge amount of attention on him or more likely didn’t pay attention to him at all or very little.

Can I fix it?

Mitch Rezman

I’m assuming the latter.

Your bird is really pissed off and it will just take you some time and patience in order to regain your bird’s confidence.

You’re going to have to spend a lot of time interacting with him providing him with favored treats.

Talk to him sweetly and let him come to you – in the meantime keep him away from your face just to be safe.

Keep small chew sticks and toy parts, etc on hand to stick into your birds beak if it appears that the beak is looking for skin.

If you spent a lot of time with your husband the former, he may have began to bond with your husband so it’s still going to take time for the three of you to share each other’s company.

Hubby says he only spent two or three hours a evening out of his cage usually he is out all day with me. Will he get over the biting?

Hubby just uncovered him and turned the TV on when he went to work.

Mitch Rezman


He’ll get over it once he re-learns how much fun mom time was.

He’s pissed and it will take time but things will go back to normal, especially with so much more “out of the cage time”

Think about – what if your mom went out-of-town & your dad locked you up when you usually were out having fun all day – you’d be pissed but you’d get over it.

That makes sense. Thanks. Love my Feather Baby.

Mitch Rezman

We’re happy for you & your bird – glad we could help 

Update…..I have my Feather baby back.

A lot of treats ,scritches and a couple rides around the mobile home park in the car and now Raff is back to being a Momma’s Baby. Thanks for the advice.


We love happy endings



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