Indian Ringneck Love Brings Ringneck Problems

indian ringneck parrot give food to her three chicks in a tree hollow
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Editor’s note: Vets are usually more helpful.

I brought her in to the vet this past Friday to get her wings trimmed. I thought that would slow down her behavior, but it hasn’t.

I’ve been bit several times in the last month and I’m not sure how much longer I can take it.



Do you have any suggestions?


First things first, Crystal.

The light needs to be on a timer set for 12 hours on 12 hours off sometime between seven and nine each day and evening.

​The light must be no higher than 6 inches over the cage.

​The bird must be in the cage when the light turns off at night and on in the morning.


That is the first thing we will do to help reset your Indian ringneck’s circadian rhythm which is a major hormonal trigger.


Here I go knocking heads with veterinarians.


Keeping the bird locked in the cage gives it a sense of being in a confined area and reinforces the bird’s need to breed, so let her out of the cage.


Clipping of any bird’s wings does nothing to reduce hormonal behavior.

A flighted bird will exhaust calories in flight and a bird that has exercised will be less hormonal.


Are there hormonal triggers such as sleep sacks or boxes under a couch which promote any area to be a nesting area?


I would need to know more about the diet.


If the diet has any soy in it I would find a soy free base diet like Tropican Alternative Parrot from Hagen.


We are finding that soy may trigger hormonal and behavioral issues


Does the bird have a lot of foraging opportunities to take her mind off of making babies?


Does she have lots of things that she can chew up?


If you see no changes in the behavior after two weeks with the 12 on 12 off light cycle email me back and were going to talk about the 72/168  hour consistent light treatment as well as other things that can be done




Should I be concerned after my green parrot lost her egg?


Indian green parrot couple.

Laid their first egg.

Raani had been sitting on her egg for days until one day it disappeared.

Continues to sit inside the box.

Does she want to lay another?

Has looked dazed every since started nesting.

Yesterday I placed a chicken egg, she’s been sitting on it.



I’m assuming they are Ringnecks?

If this is the case,  given that ringnecks typically lay 3 to 6 eggs per clutch (usually every other day)

 I would surmise She is egg bound based upon your description of her. I would advocate a trip to the vet ASAP to check out her reproductive system

Remove the chicken egg as all it is only promoting brooding activity which the bird is clearly not for currently.


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