Bird Cage And Food Recommendations for 2 Quaker Cagemates

Quaker parrot in lilac tree munching on flower
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Looking for an appropriate bird cage to house 2 Quaker parrot cage mates
Hi Rose,
I think this 3159 Select would be a great cage from Prevue.
The 36 Inch wide foot print give the birds ample room for separation if needed.
It provides the best of both worlds having a dome top for interior height and a play area for time outside the cage.
As you can see it has ample seed skirts 

Toys are like the leaves of a tree the birds would habitat in the wild.
They offer foraging opportunities & entertainment. One overlooked aspect of toys is the “feeling of security” they provide.
With a cage full of toys your birds can “hide” behind they’ll feel more secure much like you and I do when we pull the blinds down before retiring.
 A grooming perch should be in every cage. 
Grooming perches should be slightly over sized in diameter so the birds nails are always in contact with the abrasive surface.
The perches should be placed where the birds are active and will not be on them for extended periods like sleep.
Perch placement near food dishes means lots of foot activity and allows the bird to wipe their beaks on it helping keep their beaks in optimal condition.
This would be an appropriate size grooming perch for a Quaker.  The thickness would ensure better nail wear. 

Booda soft rope perches are comfortable on a  quakers feet.
They are flexible and allow you to create tree like navigation paths though both the inside and outside of the cage.
Optional, but non the less important you may want to consider a Lixit water bottle.
A very helpful tool to combat “poop soup.”
Ladders are not only fun but they provide “gateways” from cage doors to the floor and can act as “bridges” to furniture or a bird stand.

button ladders Bird Cage And Food Recommendations for 2 Quaker Cagemates


New (solo) Quaker parrot bird cage question

I need your professional opinion.  


I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but I want something that will make a Quaker happy.


I need a bird cage.


I am limited on space in my house, but I don’t want to put it in a cage that is too small.  


I can get rid of furniture.


I have seen some smaller bird cages that are built like it will house a gorilla.  


I don’t need (nor do I want) one like that.  They usually have very narrow doors.


I would like one that is 23w x 19d x 30t like Ezra’s.  


His is a scalloped top that opens up and has a very large door.


It is the thinner wire with plastic bottom and slide out tray.


What do you have along those lines?  Thanks, I appreciate your help! 🙂 



Dear Cindy – 

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