The Challenge Of Rescuing An Older Injured Citron Cockatoo

Citron-crested Cockatoo - Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Author Doug Janson
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The Vet advised us to settle for healing at that position.



She hobbled before the 2nd injury, and can now climb and perch.


What we learned from this is that there no place to go to for materials or cages to house an injured bird.


Our desired cage would be more horizontal than tall, have horizontal bars and have large doors and/or a top opening to facilitate moving a toweled bird.


I found a useable cage and mounted its only perch so her tail would not drag on the floor bottom. Her feed and water cups are low enough so she can stand on the floor to use them.


I would like to give her more floor space.


But no one seems to make even the cage I found anymore.


Because of your quick shipping service, I thought of you as possibly an emergency cage distributor with appropriate Webpage.



Most people do not know where to start with platforms, heaters, easy grip perches and so forth.

Even Vet wrap, neck collars, padding, are beyond easy to find.

And shipping time does not address emergency needs.


So I believe there is a market for this.


I had to use a cat carrier box and sleep on the floor next to my bird when she was in a neck collar and and then put her in a clear 18 gallon tote to keep her from climbing until I could find a low cage.


There has to be a solution that is better than what we went through.

Thanks for your looking at this.




Hi there Roberta


We get more inquiries about handicapped and arthritic parrots than you might think.


Many people have had luck with rabbit cages.

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Handicapped Assist Cage for Parrots
Birds or Small Animals by Prevue

They are low and long to keep the bird.


The shallowness of rabbit and small animal cages precludes the bird from getting too high reducing the chances of further injury


Recently adopted a Goffins cockatoo


Linda F replied




Recently adopted a Goffins cockatoo and I am having much difficulty finding info on their wild, natural behavior.


How does their diet specifically differ from CAG ?


Do they have special needs?


Are there toys designed to challenge this active in-quizative bird ?


My Stewie seems to want more from me than friendship.

Do you have advice on discouraging springtime activity?


He offers me underside of wing, tries to maneuver my fingers from his head to his back, and more.



Also throws food at my mouth when close enough.


Sure would like to learn more about this delightful cockatoo’s natural behavior, diet and habits.



Hi Linda


It’s important to know the age and sex of the bird.

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