Why Are We Talking About Treating Bird Bite Wounds?

Parrot trying to bite. Open beak of amazon parrot close up
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Dogs cool themselves using their tongues to exchange heat via panting although they do have tiny sweat glands on their paw pads.


Birds have no sweat glands.

Heat loss is through the respiratory system and exposed skin.


Mammals incubate offspring internally.


Birds on the other hand have to incubate eggs outside of their body which requires more heat.


If your veterinarian sees blood he or she is going to want to determine if the blood is coming from outside or inside the body.



Birds themselves can make small injuries more severe.


Think about a bird whose leg band got caught in an unexpected piece of toy hardware and fractured its leg.


If stuck for a long period, stress becomes a much larger enemy than the injury itself.


Many captive bird keepers are insistent that clipping a birds wings will keep it from flying into a wall.


“Trimming my birds toenails will make things not as scratchy on me”.



The problem is that birds use their wings not only for flight but for balance.


Some bird cage perches don’t have a lot of texture.


Put the two together and you have a bird that can easily slip off a perch in the middle of the night.


Cockatiels are prone to night frights.

Bird’s can break wings flapping uncontrollably while falling to the bottom of the cage after slipping off a perch.

When birds do not feel stable in their home environment because are not able to perch easily, the stress of instability can trigger negative behavioral problems.


Let’s add that to the flighted/wing clip “discussion”.


Editor’s note: I would normally say “argument” (instead of discussion) but my blood pressure is high these day so I’m trying to be a kinder and gentler person.


You’d never think that selling bird toys could be so stressful.


Restraint of psittacines (parrots) involves immobilization of the head.


I quote from a VETERINARIAN “generally with a thumb on one side of the mandible and the index or middle finger on the other”.


I mention this only because of some comments I received on YouTube by genius bird keepers, while illustrating proper bird restraint.



“I wish I could put my thumb and forefinger around his neck.”


“what a dickhead..Ida let the bird fly away”



More reasons birds are different than mammals.

For the most part birds are smaller than mammals so they use more energy – you know that flight thing.


Birds do have a slightly higher metabolism than mammals but there’s not a big difference.


There is a difference in body temperatures between birds and mammals.


Birds have thinner skin than mammals.

A bird’s skin much more delicate and nowhere near as elastic as a mammal’s skin.


A bird’s skin is firmly stretched over bones especially in the wing and feet area.

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