Why Are We Talking About Treating Bird Bite Wounds?

Parrot trying to bite. Open beak of amazon parrot close up
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Predatory species can be found in many homes, we are talking about ferrets, dogs and cats.

What prey species could possibly bite a pet bird?

Rats and mice for one and even other birds in the household.

Editor’s note: We have hundreds if not thousands of feral monk parakeets aka Quaker parrots in the chicago area.

Chicago is home to many peregrine falcons who enjoy the height of buildings throughout the city.

So why don’t the peregrine falcons hang out around 57th st where the Museum of Science and Industry is as well as all the quaker parrots?

You would think that south side area by lake Michigan was the equivalent of Whole Foods for the city’s falcons.

Birds are smart.

Smarter than we will ever give them credit for but in this case the peregrine’s tend to lay off the quakers because they know that a parrot can break their leg with their beak if not killed immediately.

That’s reverse engineering bird bites – for protection.


I keep talking about how birds are three-dimensional pets having the ability to fly.


That’s one big difference between our birds and your neighbors cats and dogs


Speaking of interrogatory systems


Feathers provide flight as well as insulating a birds body.


Fur is only used by mammals for inflation.


A mammals body is much different than a birds body in terms of the distribution of fat as mother nature calculated to enable bird flight


Dogs cool using their tongues to exchange sheet via panting although they do have tiny sweat glands on their paw pads.


Birds have no sweat glands. Heat loss is through the respiratory system and exposed skin.


Mammals incubate offsprings internally.


Birds on the other hand have to incubate eggs outside of their body which requires more heat



If your veterinarian sees blood he or she is going to want to determine if the blood is coming from outside or inside the body.


Birds themselves can make small injuries more severe.


Think about a bird whose legband got caught in an un-inspected piece of toy hardware and fractured its leg.


shelf video


If stuck for a long period stress becomes a much larger enemy than the injury itself.


Many captive bird keepers are insistent that “clipping my birds wings will keep it from flying into a wall”.


Trimming my birds toenails will make things not as scratchy on me.


The problem is that birds use their wings not only for flight but for balance.


Some birdcage perches don’t have a lot of adhesion.


Put the two together and you have a bird they can easily slip off a perch in the middle of the night.


In spite of anecdotal information clipping a birds wings will not reduce bad hormonal behavior.


It’s like getting a haircut.


Your bird will behave no differently with shorter wings than you behave differently with shorter hair.

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