12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

African grey parrot behind old fashion movie camera
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John’s use of camera angle, lighting, sound and editing is impeccable and I know how time consuming that can be.


John is one of the few You tubers that mentions possible vitamin A deficiency in Amazons and helps them out with offsetting this deficiency by feeding them habanero peppers peppers.


Have not seen any videos with buddy the Amazon for the past few years so I’m not sure what happened but John’s relationship with Smokey Ray is nothing short of remarkable.


He covers everything from cage set up ideas to toys, harness training, nail trimming and showering.


John’s commitment to his birds is epic having an outdoor aviary in his backyard.




If you have an outdoor aviary you’re an advocate of flighted birds and John talks about his flights with Smokey in several videos.


You want to learn how to familiarize your bird with a new play stand, potty trained bird or even what you really need to think about before getting a parrot this is a great YouTube channel to use as a reference especially you’re thinking about getting an African gray.


It was really hard to select my favorite video but I love this one.


It solves many problems and is so easy to execute especially for whiners who say “my bird doesn’t like to new eat anything or to play with“.


How about a pumpkin?



Bonus round – please don’t forget your hosts

3,000 YouTube channel subscribers
Joined May 19, 2006 – 741,901 views
269 videos

Or videos are about

  • What to get
  • Why to get it
  • Species specific
  • How to install it
  • What to feed it
  • How to clean it
  • Where to put it
  • How to protect it
  • How to light it


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