12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

African grey parrot behind old fashion movie camera
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My point is that I’ve been driving for 50 years and still can’t do a brake job on a car.


Which means just because you have had birds for 50 years, you are not necessarily an expert.


My review of each influencer is based upon what they bring to the table in terms of how much information of value they provide.


Unfortunately we saw lots of bad information which we did not curate.


We eliminated channels that were simply about acquiring new birds, building aviaries and “how cute my birds are”.


Watch any YouTube creator below and you will walk away more empowered about engaging with that 200 bpm (beats per minute) feathered 99 million year old evolutionary dinosaur with wings sitting in your living room.


Here is my designated list of avian influencers on Youtube –  in alphabetical order


Editor’s note: All YouTube channel data is current as of 05/08/2018.


Adventures of Roku
51,000 YouTube channel subscribers
Joined Oct 12, 2015 – 15,019,772 views
791 videos


One of the more interesting comments is “you have to be concerned about Hawks and Falcons – my bird will never fly free” (like that’s something to be proud of).


Fun feathered factoid: A Peregrine falcon can see a “mouse at a mile.”


Doves are hard bills 


Not much of a threat to a hawk but a hook bill like the hundreds of feral monk parakeets we have here in Chicago managed to stay out of trouble in spite of the dense population of Peregrine Falcons in the area.


We keep telling you birds are smart but when you drill down some of the things we learn are amazing.



Prey birds in the area of Chicago have learned that monk parakeets are hooked bills and if not killed immediately have the potential to break a hawks leg.


Why run the risk?

Don’t think for a minute these prey birds aren’t constantly calculating the odds of the kill.


Brody Murray (hope I got that right) is companion to Roku, a Blue and Gold macaw.


Roku has had a great deal of flight training and flies daily out-of-doors.


Korra is a Green wing macaw and Pabu is a Major Mitchell cockatoo, a cockatoo species that you don’t see in a lot of homes.


This YouTube channel takes on even larger dimensions because “play dates” are just like with kids – that have feathers.


A single video may include


  • Roku – blue & gold macaw (male)
  • Bumi – yellow tailed black cockatoo (male)
  • Mowgli – yellow tailed black cockatoo (male)
  • Thor – sun conure (male)
  • Loki – nanday conure (male)
  • Emery – black capped lory (female)
  • Kai – black lory (male)
  • Phoenix – dusky lory (male)
  • Meraxes/Maree – moluccan lory
  • Oogie – cockatiel (female)
  • Flappy – cockatiel (female)
  • Pascal – hahns Macaw (male)


(be still my beating heart)


Most of whom are fully flight trained and the ones that are not like the cockatiels will remain caged and just enjoy the day out-of-doors albeit caged.

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