12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

African grey parrot behind old fashion movie camera
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This is a real fun fid-eo



Alen AxP
62,000 YouTube channel subscribers
Joined Apr 25, 2007 – 18,225,490 views
428 videos


Alen AxP started out covering everything from a Logitech Z-5500 Movin’ stuff to the Sarajevo Spring Music Fest.


As he started to produce budgie videos he also showed an affinity towards aquariums with video titles such as “Maintenance of 201 Shrimp Aquarium”.


Beginning about two years ago he became more “budgie centric”, although it is clear aquariums are still a big part of his life.


His videos appear to be professionally shot with a quality voiceover sound and custom music added to every video.


He covers subjects from “How to Feed Budgies | Choosing the Right Foods”.



to Mirror, good or bad for Budgie/Parakeet?



Alan AxP speaks from a third person point of view with a professional narrative using lots of budgies in the videos never revealing who he actually is.


If I had to select a single video from the hundreds he has produced it would be 3 Ways to Lose Your Parrot’s Trust (with more than 1,000,000 views).


Whether you are into the budgies like us or have a hookbill of any sort in your home, this is a channel to watch for actionable ideas that will help your cage bird best live with you.


I want to say this is a “sleeper” channel but view counts would make that an inaccurate statement.


If you’re into budgies this is a go-to YouTube channel.


I like to remind everyone here that the Windy City Parrot budgie census is currently at six and so we are chafing at the bit to learn everything we can about budgies.


This channel runs the gamut from three-hour budgie sounds for lonely budgies to making a budgie playground.


All fid-eos look professional, well edited with good music in the background.


Unlike other channels, narration is done third person voice over with the interactions of humans and birds a subset of the narrators scripting.


I don’t know who Alen AxP is but he makes good use of many of his subscribers that look like you and me interacting with their budgies.


You’ll see actionable  fid-eos like Setting up New Budgie Cage | Vlog #19



and cuteness explode

Budgie sounds | Cute & Fluffy singing


fave fid-eo on Alen AxP’s channel is

How to Gain Your Birds Trust


AnimalWonders Montana
136,000 YouTube channel subscribers
Joined Mar 23, 2011 – 13,552,185 views
237 videos


Jessi is an energetic redhead who speaks with her active voice exuding confidence and enthusiasm.


Clearly animals are her passion – I think I heard her say in one fid-eo she cares for 73 animals (at the time).


Jessi does not limit feathered facts just for parrots but birds like Rooks as well as other species as in hedgehogs, guinea pigs, beavers, snakes and wabbits)

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