12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

African grey parrot behind old fashion movie camera
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Marlene is a prolific parrot program producer.

(not sure where that came from)

She is a well-known actress in her own right and at the very least produces 2 weekly fid-eos named Parront Tip Tuesday and Story Time Sunday.


Marlene is not shy around the camera and is clearly an acting pro

Set aside some time because her productions tend to be in the 20 to 40 minute range.


She talks a lot about the relationships between her and her parrots and her parrots relationship with family members and friends.


From what I can see she has

  • Jersey an Umbrella Cockatoo
  • Picasso a Mustache Parakeet
  • Vinny a Galah (aka rose breasted) cockatoo
  • Rocky a Harlequin Macaw
  • Cody the African Grey
  • Amazon with a very red face (not a red front amazon)


She doesn’t stick to the typical behavioral or environmental videos producing titles like My Cockatoo, Jersey Goes For A Car Ride And Gets A SURPRISE! STORY TIME



She does cover some of the fundamental basics as an example a videos named 7 Cleaning Hacks For Parrot Owners | WITH FUNNY OUTTAKES COMPILATION



It is apparent that Marlene is a professional in the film industry.


Her lighting, makeup, camera angles, backgrounds and scripting is as good as you will see on YouTube and certainly sets the bar quite high.


(I liked the purple for her and her mom, Marlene did not:-)


Marlene has so many great videos that it’s hard to select one but if I had to this is it.


The bonding between her and her rescue umbrella cockatoo is priceless.




Ladies, if you want your man to take an interest in your birds, this is the YouTube channel they should watch – just sayin’.


Manda and rio
19,000 YouTube channel subscribers
Joined Apr 7, 2014 – 1,549,850 views
64 videos



Manda and Rio (her green cheek conure) defines cuteness.


Don’t let that deceive you.


Manda takes the care of birds quite seriously and expresses her ideas succinctly behind the camera.


Information Manda provides is invaluable starting with Basic Needs for Every New Owner 



Her YouTube videos go back about four years and she has certainly honed her chops behind the camera.


The new video on her YouTube channel homepage 



uses dramatic music and sound effects to eerily drive home a point which is  “join their adventure to positive parrot ownership”.


Manda covers many important aspects of caged bird keeping covering everything from toys and nail trimming to behavioral techniques of “step up” and “step down”.


Rio the green cheek conure is a very smart bird and can do things like identify colors.


Manda is one of the few YouTube influencers that talk about ‘towel training” 


something so important and essential for living a life with birds but so few people pay attention to this very necessary aspect of bird restraint.

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