12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

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Kudos to you Manda.


Manda takes you through routines covering getting ready in the morning to taking a road trip with Rio.


She talks about how to discourage biting, the molt and problems with air fresheners and their negative effects on a bird’s respiratory system.


Her videos are well lit with great musical backgrounds and edited concisely in order to show no more than is necessary for a given video clip or subject.


At some point Tuki a sun conure was introduced to Manda and Rio’s flock which made her videos all that much more enriching to watch.


Rio & Tuki Morning Routine Part 2 | Food prep, Eating, Diet talk 


I can relate to that video feeding six budgies and a Senegal parrot every morning.

From the WindyCityParrot.com YouTube channel



The Parakeet Perch
12,000 YouTube channel subscribers
Joined Sep 18, 2013 –  1,593,363 views
45 videos


Sophia Stevenson who created the The Parakeet Perch brand not only is a YouTube channel creator also blogger so she gets extra points for that.




 A big reason we follow her is the Parakeet perch is budgie-centric although recently she has added Mango a sun conure to the mix which kinda sorta parallels our own flock of six budgies and a Senegal parrot.


Sophia covers all the basics from target training, birdcage tours, budgie breeding, keeping cage environments clean and parakeet fighting.


This is a subject that has recently opened our eyes in that we have one male and five female budgies.


Much like any guy, Jam the sole male seems to be the one chirping out orders as he “helicopters” stationary in the middle of the cage.


If you follow the parakeet perch you will learn how to install a nest box, get your budgie into a flight suit and how she introduces fruits and vegetables to parakeets. 


Her videos have good background music and occasionally a YouTube logoed hat.


If I had to select a favorite video will probably be Bird training: Target Training.




Although it’s all about Mango her sun conure it’s good to see a bird companion who takes clicker/target stick seriously as a higher form of learning for your pet birds.


Not clicker training your bird is like not teaching your child to read” mitchr


If you’re into budgies this is another go-to YouTube channel


Parrot playhouse
3,700 YouTube channel subscriber
Joined Jul 8, 2016 – 244,712 views
148 videos

April Adcock is simply enchanting in front of the camera. 

She’s engaging and exudes self confidence, important if you’re trying to educate other humans.


From what I can tell the flock consists of 

  • an Umbrella cockatoo
  • a Black headed caique – Bailey 
  • a White belly caique – Pacman
  • a Yellow naped Amazon


She was involved in helping place an orphaned Senegal due to the death of a family member

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