12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

African grey parrot behind old fashion movie camera
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She covers a variety of topics like

  • Sushi rolls your parrots will love
  • Cage Cleaning at Parrot Playhouse
  • Cooking for Parrots 101: Festive Stuffed Squash


Here’s a great video on signs of illness in the parrot




Her birds are certainly not lacking for foraging and enrichment.

Everywhere you look, in her bird cages there are toys on top of toys.

There is always something for the birds do and engage with.


When she has birds in the hand or on shoulders, she is talking about those particular birds


You’ll find fun videos of toy forging project


She has a beautiful space in her backyard with protective netting where she can gently spray her birds.




If I had to pick a favorite video it would be Bailey’s Stairs work out which is a great way to exercise your bird.



Stop by the Parrot Playhouse channel for a great overview of caring for multiple species of parrots all under one roof.


Parrot Wizard
91,000 YouTube channel subscribers
Joined Apr 29, 2009 – 42,637,561 views
508 videos


This channel is the 900 pound parrot of YouTube avian channels.


Millions of people know Michael and his birds

His Senegal Kili appeared in national television commercial for Doritos.



His birds have appeared on the David Letterman show.



He started with a Cape parrot which you don’t see a lot and a Senegal parrot (we have a nine-year-old female Sennie).


Editors note: Cape parrots and Senigal parrots are subspecies of the same family named poicephalus.


From what I can see he has now acquired a green wing macaw as well a, yes, and a second Senegal.


Michael appears around the world.

He travels commercially and pilots his own private aircraft with hi co-pilot Racheal.


There’s a lot of fun time videos on the channel.

The majority of which are hard-core bird training beginning with simple step ups to how to hold to teaching his birds how to recognize colors and how to bowl.



From what I could see all of his birds have been taught flight recall which is very important.


One of my favorite videos is his co-pilot Rachel, teaching a blue and gold macaw flight recall.




You may even remember back in 2014 when Truman the Cape parrot got away was gone for two days but happy ending – Truman was found and reunited with Michael.


So at the end of the day if you want some information about how to train and care for the parrots in your life visit this channel appropriately titled


47,000 YouTube channel subscribers
Joined Jan 14, 2010 – 7,601,667 views
139 videos


When this channel started out eight years ago there were two parrots involved, the Mexican red headed Amazon name Buddy and the Congo African gray named Smokey.

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