60 Nasty Household Hazards Birds Shouldn’t Be Around

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We never list possible problems without providing solutions.


Deep breath

Let’s circle back to first aid.

Assuming you’ve taken the time to build your own bird first aid kit, it’s important to remember the basics.

Once you’ve assembled all the tools for your first aid kit you should wash them with antibacterial soap or clean them with steam cleaner and then wrap them in washcloths prior to storage.

This will help reduce the chance of bacteria causing zoonotic disease (diseases passed from humans to animals and vice versa).



I’m sure many of you seen the “mayhem” commercial by Allstate which does a nice job of what bringing what could happen into plain mental sight.


Let’s discuss some mayhem the bird “may” encounter.


Please keep in mind, were giving you the tools  to perform bird first aid not avian surgery.

If your bird suffers a broken bone or severe burn, an emergency vet visit is in order.

If you can fix things – fix things, like broken blood feathers.


But if the bird is to end up at the vet use this information to stabilize the animal, make sure the injury is stabilized and the bird is toweled, warmed, crated and go!


Blood Feathers 

The most common bird first aid issue you will encounter.

A  bird can bleed to death from a single blood feather.

One thing you’ll want to know how to deal with in your bird’s lifetime is a blood feather.


There’s too many feathers and they come back on a regular basis, not to break occasionally – I guarantee it will happen to your bird in it’s lifetime. It’s a simple fix, learn how to do it here.


Bleeding of any kind

We’d much rather see you grind a birds toenails with an electric nail trimmer rather than clipping them.

Just 15 or 20 drops of blood, about a teaspoon represents approximately 10% of an average size cockatiel’s total blood in their system.

Some qwik stop clotting products are very effective while providing soothing antiseptic relief.

If you don’t have any on hand go to the pantry and get some cornstarch or go into the bathroom, grab a bar of soap and drag the bleeding nail across the bar soap.



Cross species bites

These can be devastating for bird.


I talk about a cockatiel that I had many years ago getting attacked by one of my dogs and surviving – here.

Dog and cat bites can cause infection from even small puncture rooms or worse major internal injuries and multiple bone fractures.

IF you feel the bird can be saved, do the drill – stabilize the bird, make sure the injury is stabilized and and the bird toweled, warmed, crated and go to the vet!


Fractured or broken bones in birds

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