Would CBD Oil Help A One Eyed African Grey?

African Grey with eye patch
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We have a natural product called AviCalm that contains an amino acid called L’theonine which is a derivative of Green tea and is used in zoos all over the world.


It helps to calm your bird if stress is causing the picking. 


Constant masterbating can be bothersome but it’s not a life threatening problem unless he begins to pick too much and injure his skin.

Not allowing him to masterbate on you or feed you (if he does) may help.

Holding off on the touching below the neck will help.


No beak petting, lots of nerves to arouse in beaks


This webpage link offers a lot of useful information on hormonal problems and birds. 


We’ve had good results with the following light treatment for our female cockatiel.

It can work equally well for males.


It requires subjecting your bird to 3 days and nights (72 hours) of continuous bright cage light.

You can go to 168 hours, one full week if necessary.

No tents, no bedding, no shade.

This causes their natural circadian rhythm to be broken and the reproductive cycle gets shut down.

It does not  hurt and costs nothing but a little time and electricity.


If you try this please share your story

Just providing a proper light above the cage 12 hours on and 12 hours off should help with the hormonal behavior.

We have a customer who comes into the store saying her male Quaker was becoming a real pip, biting and overall had become a pain.

I suggested she get a light above his cage and within a month she told me she had her sweet boy back again on her shoulder watching TV with her.

Light is so important.


Pellets are a good food to get your bird on for at least a part of its diet, select a pellet, any pellet and make a small dish of them available every day.

In the evening take out the seed dish and leave just the pellets in at night, the next morning you can return the seed dish to the cage.

This may help get the bird to try them when they are hungry during the night. If your bird will take treats from you, use the pellets, he may like them hand fed. It is a good start.

Thank you



From Brad S

I have a phobic male African grey post  for maybe 7 to 10 years now he’s blind in one eye and also continues to chew under his wings or around his wings.

It’s a shame because before he went phobic he was my bird and loved me to death I’ve tried everything.

He is terrified to come out of the cage


The only thing I can do is scratch his head but my thought was possibly trying CBD oil I’m curious as to your thoughts on this possibly a correct dosing.


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