Would CBD Oil Help A One Eyed African Grey?

African Grey with eye patch
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Hi Brad


Trust me when I tell you I am pro-medical marijuana.

That said I have no idea on the effects CBD oil will have on your bird.


We are just now learning the effects of cannabidiol on humans.


One of the things that we’ve known for a long time is that it can lower blood pressure and increase heart rate.


The last thing we want to do is increase a bird’s standing heart rate which is already about 200 bpm


You’re not giving me near enough information to provide any advice.


Is the bird flighted or are the bird’s wings clipped?


Has the bird been to a vet for a thorough examination?


The birds been in his cage, his wing muscles might’ve atrophied.

In the meantime please try this.


Take the most high value treats that your bird likes be it peanut, almond, nutriberry.


Every time you walk by the cage drop the treat in his food dish.


The goal is to have the bird make the association that every time you come by the cage good things will happen.


We do that with newly rescue birds who are scared of new humans. It can be a way to slowly pry your TAG or CAG out of the bird cage


If you can get the bird out of the cage on your hand.

After few days of handling the bird I would hold the birds feet and slowly waive the bird up and down allowing the birds wings to flat to see what kind of mobility it has.



This also can be done using a large Booda Comfy Perch with you holding the end in both bands like a U with the bird sitting on the bottom of the U, its talons can grab the rope very well and be raised and lowered causing the bird to flap its wings.

Great exercise.


Please let me know how that goes for you.




Thank you so much for getting back to me, my bird is flighted however I don’t think he can fly.

In the past I took him to several vets trying everything and spending a lot of money, my wife will not allow me to spend any more on him.

He’s been through a lot going to all these vets, he used to adore me so much, I think he wants to be with me as he reach out when I stick my head in his cage and ask for a kiss, he lets me scratch his head too.

He just grouches and screams when I try to get him to step up.

It all started years ago when he they flew to the ground when I was trying to clip his nails and I went to try to get him and it seem like it was down hill ever since, then he went blind and been chewing in the wing area, one side healed up but one is still there, I was always afraid to make him flap his wings for fear it would open up the scab areas.


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