Would CBD Oil Help A One Eyed African Grey?

African Grey with eye patch
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He rarely touches a toy, I’ve been easing him out to take him to the shower with the other two grays.

They have their own shower rod to sit on

I will try your advice, do you think he will be able to fly ever?

Or is the damage done to bad?

Thank you


The rope perches the perfect substrate for a bird to sleep on.


I can’t help but wonder especially because of the incident with the bird hitting the ground if there wasn’t some injury to the foot of the leg.


Most people don’t realize that birds have no muscles in their feet or legs (from thigh down) only two tendons extending from the hip to the toes.


I would advocate easing the bird out of the cage and get it into a towel hopefully with the second person and doing a close inspection of the birds feet using a magnifying glass.


See if there’s a particular reaction when you touch a particular toe


That will be the start of our investigation.

My approach to solving physical issues with captive birds is much different than vets.

We look at the birds environment holistically.


By the way how many toys are in the cage?


%name Would CBD Oil Help A One Eyed African Grey?

Looking at the cage I have three recommendations


1) the light should be on a timer turning it on and off the 12 hour intervals not respecting daylight savings time


2) the cage should have 10 to 20 more bird toys.

A single bird toy is boring to the bird and he may like other stuff here’s what I call a decently cagededscape bird cage for a gray


3) birds get bored eating one a full bowl of food is always offered thus I would advocate a new delivery system


BTW this is one of my favorite African Grey bird cage set ups

grey cage set up chicago Would CBD Oil Help A One Eyed African Grey?


Can you feed an African Grey too many peanuts in a day?

Mitch Rezman, windycityparrot.com

Answered (on Quora) just now

Peanuts make a fine treat for birds but too many of anything will be bad.

I recommend leaving the shell on to make it a more enriching experience for the bird to work through.

Peanuts get a bad rap but it’s important that they are purchased in a hermetically sealed bag from a major manufacturer of pet bird food.

90% of the bird foods that are sold in the marketplace contain peanuts including peanut dust and have been tested for Aspergillus flavus mold spores before they ever make it into the said sealed bag.

They’re too big to be used for training as they take too long for parrot to eat.

You will find them as part of wonderful blends in both Hagen Tropimix and Higgins Safflower Gold

Hagen Tropimix is developed at the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute in Canada.

Several hundred birds are there, both pet and breeding pairs and many have been there for about 30 years.

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