How far is too far out of the birdcage?

old man on motorcycle with sun conure parrot on head
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which is why we don’t allow her to free fly – relevant here because

we not only allow her out of her birdcage

we take her almost everywhere.


Brief off road trip:


A few years back some volunteer conservationists built an eagle refuge in Rockford about 90 miles west of here on the rock River.

The Eagles embrace the area and after a long hard winter the volunteers returned for spring cleanup – which unearthed eight small dog collars – you’ve been warned


Peaches is happy to be anywhere we are.

As for health it’s hard to say – she does stay active and makes me crazy throughout the day because she likes to sit on my leg and poop – jump on the keyboard which changes data – it’s all good


I’m not advocating that you take your bird outside to see what happens.

And if you would like to take your bird out of doors allow free flight

while keeping a tether you can always acquire one of these.

The risk is lessened substantially if the animal is trained.

written by mitch rezman
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your zygodactyl footnote

this was not the post I started to write

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