One Of My African Greys Has Been Losing Feathers And It Is Getting Worse

2 African grey parrots
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A diet of seeds and pellets would generally require additional vitamins, a completely pelleted diet would not.


I really don’t know the best way to resolve a Vitamin A deficiency other than adding avian vitamins to the food.


I would truly hope it is not PBFD which is contagious, were your birds ever boarded anywhere or socialized with other birds?


I am also not at all sure if it is a latent illness that can live within a bird for so long without it showing until now either.


That is a worse case scenario of course. I hope you can get to the bottom of this.


Dear Catherine,


Thank you so much for your advice.


To answer some of your questions, the feathers that are missing are primarily around my bird’s (her name is Chloe) throat.  There is both bare skin and down feathers and I can see some of her shafts.


We give our birds a very varied diet that is primarily comprised of pellets and seeds but includes fruit, veggies, pasta, yogurt, cheese (the last 2 foods are very minimal because I know birds don’t have the capability to digest milk-based foods properly) basically a very small portion of the foods we are eating with the exception of avocados, chocolate and meat.  


They pretty much eat anything we give them which I am thinking now might be a problem.


You can bet I hope Chloe does not have PBFD.


The other bird (Clara) looks perfectly normal.  I first noticed Clo’s feathers were missing about 4 months ago and I took her to the vet about a month after I discovered this when I realized her feather loss was spreading.


Neither bird has had any contact with other parrots in years.


I am actually afraid to have Clo tested for PBFD (which I researched last night and learned that although Clo definitely does not have the acute version, she might have the chronic expression of the disease).


Thanks again for all your help and I will keep you posted.





Dear Rita


Keep a close watch on if the other bird is actually over preening the bird missing the feathers. It does not sound like PBFD thankfully.



Thank you so much for your assistance and support.


BTW: Is there a pellet and/or seed mixtures that you carry that you recommend to support excellent health?


These guys are very fussy when it comes to pellets (likely because they are used to more tasty food).


They like a nut blend mixture of pellets but won’t eat a fruit mixture.





Hi Rita

As far as top quality ingredients I really like the Goldenfeast parrot food line.


Goldenfeast does not add vitamins so you would add your own which allows you to have total control.


Their pellets are unique in that they also have no added vitamins but that they also have NO corn.

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