Is It Better To Clip Your Parrot’s Wings Or Not?

Black Cockatoo flying left to right
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It gets soiled, placed in the laundry and replaced anew, every Friday.

She has a couple of play stands in the living room and designated landing areas in the bedroom, kitchen and bath.

Teach your bird where these areas are.

Practice – practice – practice – where and how to land.

Lots of birds like to land on top of doors.

Ensure that these doors are not open and closed a lot.

In a home with a flighted bird you may spend a lot of time “looking up” for the bird.

Popcorn our albino cockatiel loved the high crown molding.

It took a week to scrub the molding tops, sanitizing and making them safe and suitable for a white bird.

If you have a flighted bird in your home, learn how to walk through closed doors which you’ll now be opening, backwards, to see that a bird is not following you at 10 to 30 miles an hour.

We’ve timed Peaches.

She flies indoors at about 6 to 8 miles an hour. She is a feathered blimp, she flies so slowly.

On the flipside cockatiels can achieve speeds of 30 miles an hour with a few flaps of their wings.

Of course you should be concerned about birds not flying out of open doors.

We don’t lop dogs legs off because they escape,

We shouldn’t punish our birds in the name of keeping them safe.

If you have a bird in your home you need certain rules.

If there’s an exterior door open there should be a secondary door or even curtains closed preventing escape prior to the exterior door (think vestibule).

That’s what birds want to do, escape to fly in the sky.

Birds and parrots can be trained to return.

Birds have been returning to their handlers from the time the Genghis Khan had 100,000 falcons.

Homing pigeons return organically.

What is your bird’s training program?

Do you offer clicker training on a regular basis?

Do you work to train your bird for flight recall, where he or she returns to you will upon command?

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube illustrating free flight parrots that return after they have all the fun.

If you walk outside with a bird on your shoulder without thinking and the bird flies off, you’re a dumbass.

I’ve said it time and again that the proper size for a bird cage is at least 30 acres.

In conclusion, if you bring a feathered velociraptor into your home and lop off its wings so it’s easier to keep as a pet, I would ask why do you really want a bird?

Because you really enjoy vacuuming?

You’ll vacuum a lot.

Because you enjoy scraping food particulate as hard as concrete off bumpy metal and walls?

I do minor bird cage cleaning every day so the task doesn’t get too daunting come Saturday morning.

Come on, really, birds have enjoyed flight for 99 million years, we made them captive starting in the 16th century (Alex T Great – name sake to the alexandrine parakeet) by stealing their freedom, let’s allow them to keep their dignity by letting them fly.

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