Can You Address Feeding And Care For Larger M2s (Moluccan Cockatoos)?

moluccan cockatoo on perch against dark background
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Think of a bunch of garden hoses banded together arbitrarily shooting water out one or the other.


As opposed to a “firehose” of information.


Now you know what fielding questions about captive bird care looks like to us.


We don’t know where it’s going to come from – Disqus, our blog, one of three ways you can contact us directly on  the website or email.


Just organizing the questions is a task in-and-of-itself.

This question came from the Disqus comment system attached to the blog post titled – How To Easily Get Powdered Supplements Into Your Bird – Video


Audrey writes

Love “Birdie Brunches” Can you address feeding and care for larger M2s? {Moluccan Cockatoos}


And how to minimize biting as well as picky eaters that refuse to eat chop?


Just a few suggestions would help!


I feed Roudybush pellets and currently supplement with vegetable puree at night, which he only eats with brown rice and extra smoothie (all natural) juices of different flavors.


If I don’t change it up, he won’t eat it.


Then he eats nothing and is a beast in the morning. 🙂


He also gets some soy yogurt with mango or banana in the morning to calm him down.


He is 13 and has been with us for 3 years, I had a female M2 previously for 33 years and never a bite or a problem.


He’s a handful.


Hi Audrey,


This is one technique we use to avoid getting bit by a 15-year-old bird in our home for 3 weeks as of the publishing date of this post (09/20/18)



That’s the good news.


For the rest of my answer please file under “nobody likes to be told their baby is ugly”.


You mentioned that he’s been with you 3 out of 13 years. Do you have any history on the prior 10 years?


Are you the 2nd or the 12th owner?


I’m not exaggerating.


I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say these birds can be difficult.


Regarding chop, I’ve been very clear ever since it became an internet sensation.


Bird Chop as far as I’m concerned is a waste of time, money, energy and does little to help a bird’s nutritional needs.


Birds don’t want to eat chop for the same reasons humans don’t want to eat bird food.


Chop is human food and I’ve done the math, there is not a lot of nutritional value but there is a great deal of waste.


Plus most bird food seeds, not pellets are crunchy and fun to manipulate with their beak.


Chop is uninteresting to eat.


We ourselves cover food dishes with a piece of romaine lettuce and give our budgies lettuce baths and they really enjoy nibbling on it.


All our budgies readily accept fresh cucumber slices.


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