Can You Address Feeding And Care For Larger M2s (Moluccan Cockatoos)?

moluccan cockatoo on perch against dark background
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He should be in the cage when the light comes on and when it goes out. He does not have to be in the cage the entire time.


This helps synchronize his circadian rhythms which are offset by the constantly changing North American light cycles.


Consider 5 minutes of daily clicker training.


The activity rewards positive behavior (not biting)  using simple high value treats.


That’s the best I can do with the information you gave me.


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We happen to have an additional moluccan cockatoo question we would like to answer.

Can you recommend foraging toy for my moluccan cockatoo?


4 ideas


make your own

buy scrap wood at lumber yard

household items

toy chest


Name: laurie

Please help me find the right kind of foraging toy for my moluccan.


He is not eating, prolly cause everything is handed to him and hes probably bored … he needs to be able to find the food himself or be challenged, but he just breaks apart and destroys every food foraging toy I’ve gotten him so far .. .any ideas??


Hi Laurie,


Giving moluccans enough foraging opportunities is a task and self.


You can get cheap 2×4’s 8 feet long.


Make marks every 4 inches for 24 pieces.


Drill a ½ inch hole in the center before cutting which makes it much easier to create toys.


Then make your cuts.


Four 2×4’s for probably around $10 will give you 96 blocks.


If you don’t have access to a chop saw, some lumber yards sell “scraps” in burlap bags or boxes.


Just make sure the wood is not treated with any chemicals.


You can introduce these pieces of wood by simply placing them in the bottom of the cage or in a designated play area in your home.


Making bird toys and providing foraging opportunities are two separate but related tasks.


You can easily use something like a phone book hung in the cage.


Let him have fun with household items like red plastic drinking cups or children’s toys like this video.


Give him or her a play area filled with easily accessible fun stuff is in the video below.


Place treats and food in a box and cover it with toy parts he has to remove to get the food.


This video is great for explaining how to get your bird to forage.


Our Senegal looks for treats in between business cards in boxes on my desk.


Hope that helps


Best mitchr


That was amazing for you to write back Mitch, thank you so much.

I am signing up for whatever you’ve got.


But I’m afraid your plastic cup idea is the reason I’m in this mess…


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