Can You Address Feeding And Care For Larger M2s (Moluccan Cockatoos)?

moluccan cockatoo on perch against dark background
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It’s from playing with plastic toys:(( he ingested a piece of plastic and I’m on my way tomorrow to what I’m sure will be a $5000 plus bill.


I just pray he will be OK.


Then if he is, I’m either going to have to quit my job or figure out something to keep him busy because he LOVES plastic pens eyeglasses and taking apart measuring tapes etc. I can’t let him get near plastic again.


I have no idea what I’m gonna do because the only other thing he likes to do is take a part screws and bolts and washers etc. but they’re usually treated as well right?


He never takes a sideways glance at wood.


But I guess it’s a whole new ballgame now so I’m going to have to get creative with it.


I will definitely be checking in with you guys on a regular basis and looking forward to the emails I get from you.


Thanks so much again.



It’s unlikely that your bill will be $5000 because if the damage was that serious you would be consulting with an emergency veterinarian as we speak.


My Spidey sense tells me ingesting plastic is not the issue I’m just not sure because I don’t have enough information. Please let me know.


re:  “the only other thing he likes to do is take a part screws and bolts and washers etc. but they’re usually treated as well right?”


Something you may consider is going to one of the big box home improvement stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menard’s or even your local Ace or True Value.


Go to their nut and bolt hardware section and buy large STAINLESS STEEL nuts, bolts and washers, then put them in a toy box for the bird to interact with.


Introducing stainless steel will ensure that your bird will not have to deal with any negative chemical reactions to metal.

The only prep you may have is hand washing and drying the items as they may have oil on them.


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Feel free to send us video of your bird interacting with whatever when ever he interacts with something so we can better assess his needs.


Please let us know how it went at the vets – and if you need our help keeping them honest.



You are amazing. I may have to move to Chicago.


I promise I won’t say anything to anybody but do you work energetically with animals?


That’s what MY Spidey Sense tells ME!!


Stainless steel nuts and bolts is EXACTLY what I’m gonna do. I had it in my mind, but I told myself that such a thing didn’t exist.


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