How To Stop An Elenora Cockatoo Plucker And A Screaming Citron Cockatoo

head shot medium sulfur crested cockatoo aka elenora cockatoo
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Good morning, I get your newsletter every Sunday.


We have an elenora cockatoo (aka medium sulfur crested) that we have had for 21 years.


We got her when she was 4 months old.


Within the last two years she has started to yell.


Within the last year it has gotten real bad.

Whether you walk out of the room or you could be sitting in the same room as her, she’ll yell and scream.


We tried just ignoring her, that doesn’t work, we’ve put her in her carrying case and when she starts to quiet down, we’ll take her out and it’s right back to yelling.


We vet tried Prozac to see if that would help it did not.


We just started her on a new medicine and hopefully we’ll get some relief from this screaming and yelling.


The vet said we do have other choices if this doesn’t work. She can be so cute and cuddly when she’s quiet but that is few and far in between now.


The major problem is we live in two family house and the lady upstairs was in her 90s and was so good mainly because she was deaf.


She has passed away and when our landlord finishes remodeling upstairs and a new tenant moves in we may have to give up Hailey if we can’t quieter her down per our landlord.


We know they yell when they play and have loud times during the day. We can’t even leave the house now and she is just screaming.


You can hear her with the windows all closed in the summer is worse.


Our neighbors say open the back window and let her out.


We’ve lived here for 32 years and are close with all our neighbors.


I really hope you can help because it would break our hearts if we had to take her to a place for birds and no we don’t know anyone who would take her.


I’m sure I’ve left other things out.


Thank you in advance for your help or any suggestions. Jane


Hi Jane,


Putting things in perspective, parrots could scream endlessly for 99 million years and no one cared.


Then in 1400 something Alexander the great was given a parakeet (now called the Alexandrine).


From that point forward humans told parrots “you can’t scream like that anymore.”


Here’s some “macro advice:


Your cockatoo’s excessive screaming was caused by a trigger.


As an example, one our customer’s Congo greys started plucking 4 months prior.


The bird’s been with her 17 years.


We talked about possible triggers.


The grey was staying at her mom’s house where her sister lives as well.


Sis thought the bird was bored so she moved the cage in front of a picture window, 4 months earlier – as an example.


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