How To Stop An Elenora Cockatoo Plucker And A Screaming Citron Cockatoo

head shot medium sulfur crested cockatoo aka elenora cockatoo
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This is why we talk about bird cage placement


Lighting is incredibly important. (a topic few vets talk about)


Does the bird have enough toys in its cage?


Are the perches in your cockatoos cage arranged properly?


Your vet can not fix this.


Finally  I think avian veterinarians treating birds with Prozac (which is addictive) Lupron (hormonal) or Haldon (psychotropic) is an admission that they are unable to fix behavioral problems.


I just want to slap the back of their collective heads and ask “what is wrong with you?”


No behavioral courses are taught at veterinary schools.


Have a cup of coffee, sit in a chair while at your elenora’s in cage and out of the birdcage environment.


Then think back about possible screaming parrot triggers that may have occurred in the past 24 months.


Your bird isn’t simply screaming, she’s trying to tell you something.


All you need to do is learn to speak bird.





Away Form: Started Oct 14 2018


My 35 year old Citron Cockatoo (the smallest of the yellow-crested cockatoos) started chopping feathers and chewing on them 1 yr ago.


Citron crested Cockatoo How To Stop An Elenora Cockatoo Plucker And A Screaming Citron Cockatoo


Dr. Says behavioral.


I am not sure.


Your opinion please


Name: Lisa Peterson


Dear  Lisa


Something in your birds life changed to cause this.


Did you move the cage?


Have a new pet or man or someone new in the house?


Did you change your job?


Are your hours different?


New pictures on the walls, new window treatment?


SOMETHING happened.


Please think on it and let us know.


Thank you


Dear Catherine


Thank you for responding.


Jo Jo was diagnosed with zinc poisoning from paint on his cage.  


I had to get Stainless steel cage after 30 years in his cage.


He still is trying to adjust.


I appreciate your help.




Dear Lisa


Ah, yes, that is a big change.


One question. Is the SS cage shiny?


I have recently heard that if shiny, the reflection of the other bird in the shiny stainless bird cage metal can be disturbing.


And is the cage larger or smaller?


If larger your bird may be feeling exposed.


Do you have 20 toys and other things lining the inside of the bars?


The items and obstacles will also help block some of the reflective metal if this is the issue.


Try weaving paper or palm strips in and out of the bars.


Cardboard strips.


Anything to take the birds focus away from the cage itself.


One other thing.


Is the bird anywhere near moving air, like a fan or vent?


That also is a big trigger.


Please let us know if any of this helps.


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