How To Stop An Elenora Cockatoo Plucker And A Screaming Citron Cockatoo

head shot medium sulfur crested cockatoo aka elenora cockatoo
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Thank you



You are so right.


It is shiny.


He loves himself and to look at himself.


It also is bigger.


I have taken crate paper and weaved it on and out of the dome as he kept hanging off the side of the bird cage all the time.


Thank you for all suggestions.


He adores me and wants me to pet him all the time.


I have had my citron since baby.


Dear Ron, Lisa


Okay, one more thing.


Are you making sure to pet him ONLY from the neck UP?


If you are stroking his body below the neck you are stimulating him incorrectly.


Yeah, he likes it.


But it is mating behavior.


That can lead to frustration and the self destructive behavior.


NO more stroking, petting below the neck.


Scritch the hell out of his neck, head. ONLY.


You also likely need to set up a full spectrum bulb right above his cage.


12 hours on and 12 hours off.


That will help regulate the hormones.


Set it on a timer for say 8 am to 8 pm, all year round.




Dear Catherine,


I am so very grateful for your help.


JoJo was just fine for 34 years.


Having been sick only one time.


I started having trouble breathing in July of 2017.


I had appointments with several Doctors who could not figure out why.


After 7 Months and continuing to get worse a Pulmonologist diagnosed me with Bird Fanciers Disease.


He told me the only cure was to give Jo Jo away.


This was in March of 2018.


I took JoJo to his Doctor to stay for 6 weeks and both he and I were having a difficult time.


His Doctor told me if I did several things at home I would be able to take him home and still get better.


I brought him home and a couple weeks later he stopped eating so back to the Doctor.


That is when she said he had zinc poisoning.


He was in the Hospital 11 days.


Treated and released.


Since then he has had to be in the new cage.


He constantly wants one of us to pet him.


I never knew about just his head.


I have thought I was giving him the best of care and told by his Doctor he is the best behaved Cockatoo she has ever met.


Quite a compliment for any Cockatoo.


I have continued to get better and will keep him as long as I am on earth.


I am 67 so he will need to go to a family member when I die.


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