What Makes A Hand Tamed Baby Bird?

Baby budgie sitting on human hand palm up
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Stephanie wrote:

Hello, I am hoping you can help me.


About three weeks ago I got a baby parakeet, I was told the bird was 10 weeks old.


The bird had black on its beak, and the cere was still purple in color. 

I left the baby alone in the cage for a couple of days so it could adjust.


I did talk to Mason a lot softly.


After a couple of days I started putting my hand in the cage and leaving there while talking to the baby.


He/she was doing really well, but after 3 weeks the bird is suddenly acting skittish and trying to fly away from everything (his wings are clipped).


Even when I feed him he runs away. I don’t know what has happened.


I am also thinking he may be a she because the cere is turning brown around the edges.


I have an opportunity to get a handraised baby, but I want to know if it will upset this bird.


I just want this bird to be happy.


He/ she does play with toys, chirps sometimes.


I would understand if I couldn’t tame this bird. I just want him/her to be happy.


Would a handtamed bird be ok to put with Mason.


I love him and want what would make him/her happy.


Also would the hand tamed bird stay tame?


I lost my other parakeet a while ago and he was amazing.


He loved to be with my husband and I and would play and talk with us.


We were hoping to have another bird that wants to be with us.


Tinker, our other bird was amazing.


We want this little baby to be happy.


Thank you for your time. Stephanie


Name: Stephanie


to sfarrington74, Mitch

Dear Stephanie


When you brought the 10 week old bird home, was he also supposed to be hand tame?


A hand tame baby is not a bird that was not tame and then made to be tame, it is a baby bird that was separated from its parents (usually at about 2 weeks of age) and finished being fed by hand which causes them to become imprinted on humans and thus a better pet.


If it was fed by its parents until it left the nest box then it is likely to not become your friend.  


It is normal for most birds, even hand tame ones to flee your hand if you stick it in the cage.


Unless it already attached to you, bonded and thus wants to be with you.


Otherwise, they will flee into their cage where they know it better than your big hand.


That it is clipped you could take it out and go to a small room (bathroom) and sit on the floor with it and let it climb on your hand, arm, etc.


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