What Makes A Hand Tamed Baby Bird?

Baby budgie sitting on human hand palm up
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​I’m assuming it’s a “budgie” when you say “parakeet”.

​We love them we have six ourselves:-)


Please don’t stop changing the toys because all birds love the challenge and it helps keep them mentally active.


The problem with handicap birds is unlike humans they don’t know nor do they acknowledge their handicap.


Keeping Tinker’s wings clipped is a judgment call.


In that we don’t know how deteriorated the vision is in his right eye we don’t know how accurate his depth perception is.


I would advocate that you test for this by allowing the wings to grow slightly and launch Tinker by hand to landing zones that are close at first and begin moving away.

​IE 1 foot then up to 6 feet over a couple of weeks


Make sure he has the ability to land on the perch placed for that very purpose.


If he begins to undershoot or overshoot the landing target you’ll know that clipping wings will keep him safer.


If his landings are right on, let them fly to his heart’s content but always watching to make sure his landings are accurate and safe.


Hope that helps






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