Is this a proper budgie cage set up?

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Is this a proper budgie cage set up?

First of all you do not indicate the bird’s lifestyle.

Will this be a solitary bird who spends a lot of time in the cage or will the bird be out of the cage a lot and basically used for sleeping?

If it’s going to be a solitary bird  in this cage, the budgie is going to be one very unhappy bird and I’ll get to that in a minute.


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The first thing I’ll note is that it is very dark in the cage.


Darkness is not good for any bird.


Your first task is to install a full-spectrum lamp no higher than 6 inches above the cage and place it on a timer cycling every 12 hours on and off.

lamp full spectrum bulb Is this a proper budgie cage set up?

Our budgie aviary is pretty wide so we use 2 but this will give you an idea


Birds process an enormous amount of data they receive from light.

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Light tells them when to molt, breed and migrate if applicable.


You’re giving your bird bad data by not allowing it to have an equatorial light cycle which is part of its evolutionary expectations.

Let’s jump down to the bottom of the cage.


The single millet spray should not be on the ground as it will be pooped upon


That’s also way too much millet for single budgie, it should be cut into six smaller pieces and served as a single piece in a bowl on the floor of the cage to reduce the mess caused by the very light millet husks.


The rest should be refrigerated for freshness.


Your feeding dishes are fine but remember in the wild budgies are ground feeders


We have dishes for our (9) budgies both high and on the ground in the birdcage.


You have four dowel rod perches that run from side to side that should be removed.


They don’t do anything to challenge a budgies foot and restrict what little flight the bird might get although they can helicopter within a cage.


All psittacine birds should sleep on a soft rope (Booda) placed in the top one third of the cage.


There should be chewable wooden bird toys that a budgie can easily access throughout the cage.


Besides wood, consider coconut fiber toys, buri palm and with sea shells as well as leather and beads

Here is an overview here is a video overview of what I’m talking about on a larger scale


Please encourage your bird to use the bottom of the cage as much as they use the top to give them the most of amount of exercise they can get.


Your budgie will sleep towards the top one third of the cage and the cage should be covered nightly at “birdie bedtime”.


2 to 3 more perches will be fine.


Keep them short and not going across the cage in either direction.


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