Is this a proper budgie cage set up?

many budgies in birdcage aviary
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I noticed a cuttlebone.


Cuttlebone is really only necessary if you have a breeding female. But they may still like it.


Females will have a brown cere (nose) and males will have a blue but not till about six months old.


We like to lay our paper on the bottom of the birdcage so we can pull out a single sheet of paper every day accelerating the birdcage cleaning process.


You’ll notice we’re using two Lixit Snapple water bottle kits but not all birds adapt easily so for the foreseeable future 2 to 3 months we will add water dishes so the bird are assured to have water and at some point will make the relationship between the Lixit Snapple water bottles.


Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance

What if my budgie turns her head in her back feathers and sits quiet most of the time?


She also has a change in her voice.


She is bobbing her tail however.


She eats well and preens her feathers. I don’t have any vet near me.


What do I do now?


In spite of my 15 years experience in providing advice for caged bird keepers, I am unable to diagnose bird illnesses, especially with such little information.


There is always a slight bob of the tail.


We don’t know the age or sex of the bird.


We don’t know the bird’s diet.


We don’t know what his or her poop looks like.


Budgies bob their tails for a dozen reasons.


Some say it’s a vitamin A deficiency.

This is how I learn about budgies


What I don’t know I will reach out to Dr. Ross


I am not an expert he is.


By the way I can say with authority your budgie is bored and lonely because it’s alone and budgies are much happier in a mated or flocked environment.


I also would not try any of the remedies mentioned until you determine what if anything is so you’re treating the correct thing.


When was the last time anyone in this thread, weighed their bird?

It’s a simple and benign way to find illness in birds.


Can two budgie/parakeet survive in NYC if you set it free? Would it affect anything?


Let’s give credit where credit is due.


Budgies had been around for tens of millions of years living only with their beaks feet and feathers – until humans decided birds were getting it all wrong.


Budgies are smart, they learn from each other and from other birds and although there are predatory birds budgies are actually better flyers than any of the birds mentioned.


Here’s a video of hundreds of thousands of budgies and a single hawk is unable to capture one.

Our first budgie Bacon actually got entangled tree across from the shop and that’s how she found us.


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